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Sketchbook A to Z released in paperback edition

I’m happy to announce that my children’s book “Sketchbook A to Z: An Alphabetical Beginner's Guide to Pennsylvania Wildlife” is now out in paperback edition from Masthof Press & Bookstore in Morgantown, Pennsylvania. This edition is available for $10 from Masthof directly or on Amazon. If you purchase the book directly from me (available in my store) or author Dave Kline, the books will be autographed by both of us. Sketchbook A to Z features detailed lifelike drawings accompany descriptive poems for each animal of the alphabet. Genuine opportunities for learning are available on every page. It is fun for families to read together or can be used in a classroom—wherever it is read it will definitely be enjoyed by all.

Dave and I issued a press release you can download if you're interested in having us for a reading, signing or event.

Sketchbook Press release
Download PDF • 727KB

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