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  • Craig Schaffer

Newspaper celebrates 150 years

January 28, 2018 marks an important milestone. Reading Eagle Company, publisher of the Reading Eagle newspaper marks its 150th anniversary. To celebrate the occasion, staff collaborated on a special section in Sunday’s newspaper. I had the honor of being involved in the 10 month assignment in which I visited the Historical Society of Berks County, Charles Evans Cemetery and our newspaper archives. All of the content can be found at

Together we created a two-part 48-page section that includes information on the newspapers history, our community and people. I managed content and design of both sections. My artwork in the edition includes a two page biography comic, a detailed infographic on the publishing process, maps, charts and a two-page gallery of historic front pages. A multimedia version of the comic can be found here and I've created some videos to accompany the graphics.

Reading Eagle also created a podcast where I was interviewed about our founders life. WEEU 830AM radio host Mike Faust had Eagle employees and historians on "Feedback" live from the Peanut Bar. I was interviewed about my work on the project (at the 1:35 mark). 69News also covered the event and featured several of my page designs and logo on an evening news segment.

Below is an animation showing how I created an invasive species infographics which published last year in Berks Country.

Host Mike Faust (left) interviews reporters Michelle Napoletano Lynch and Ron Devlin with historian George Meiser IX at Jimmy Kramer's Peanut Bar on Friday morning.

A process gif for an invasive species graphic

An animation showing how I created an invasive species graphic in Berks Country.

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