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Exhibiting, visiting and geeking out

The last few months of 2015 have been hectic. Here’s the rundown of all the projects I’ve recently worked on.

Future Day was celebrated on Oct. 21. I wrote and designed a “Back to Future” feature for Reading Eagle’s Life section on predictions made in the film. I also appeared as a guest on WEEU 830AM to talk about it.

In November I attended the opening of Phillustration 7 exhibit at the Philadelphia Sketch Club. Four of my pieces were in the show. The show ended in December.

I also completed work on a graphic explaining repairs to the Buttonwood Street Bridge in Reading. Robeson Elementary Center art teacher Mrs. Giles invited me to speak to students who were starting Sketchbook inspired project.

In September reporter Nicole Brambila and I visited CSI Greene (a supermax prison) in Waynesburg, Pa. on assignment. Nicole’s reporting on the state of the death penalty needed my artistic skills to draw convicted cop killer Cletus Rivera. In less than two hours I created three drawings which I wrote about in My 2 Cents column here. The ‘Executing Justice’ series also featured an illustration on day one of a five-day series.

The same edition also featured an illustrated guide to the new faces of “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” including a full page infographic I created. I also discussed the sci-fi franchise on the “Good Afternoon Berks Country” radio show with Matt Gorney.

December ended with our fourth annual 10-part illustrated “Finding Christmas” series. My illustrations depicted the exploits of Nick Santos as he found the true meaning of Christmas.

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