Retro Batman Poster
Retro vector Batman illustration based on Neal Adams illustration. Adobe Illustrator.
Retro Spider-Man Poster
Retro 1967 Spider-Man illustration based on the Saturday morning cartoon. Adobe Illustrator.
Retro Superman Poster
Retro poster featuring John Byrne's Superman from the Ruby-Spears 80s Saturday morning cartoon.
Adobe Illustrator.
Henry Danger
A fictional comic book cover for Nickelodeon's Henry Danger TV show.
The Amazing Spider-Man created on iPad Pro in AutoDesk Sketchbook using Apple Pencil.
Backdraft #1
The wrap-around front and back cover of my first comic book starring Backdraft, my original superhero.
Black Panther
Jesse Hawley biography
The biography of Jesse Hawley, founder of Reading Eagle Company. An interactive version of the comic can be found by clicking the link.
Spider-Man Homecoming costume drawing.
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Black Panther